Wilja Happé

Chief Excecutive Officer

Growing up in the Netherlands, Wilja Happé said her life was always surrounded by flowers. Today, her life is much the same, except now she grows them as the owner of one of the nation's largest fresh cut flower companies.

Under Wilja's leadership, Farmers' West has made significant commitments to sustainable agriculture, both at home and abroad. This commitment has earned the company the Veriflora "Certified Sustainably Grown" label and Fair Trade Certification.

Abroad, Wilja has set up a flower growing program in Rwanda, the African country that was ravaged by a 1994 genocide. Since starting the program, it has helped over 500 genocide survivors and orphans become independent.

In 2013, Wilja was honored as one of Pacific Coast Business Times "Top 50 Women of the Year" for the second time (she won the honor in 2009 as well). She has also been chairwoman of the California Cut Flower Commission and a member of numerous boards & associations, including California State Flower Association and Howard School.

Wilja lives on one of her farms in the Carpinteria Valley. She recently celebrated her 25th anniversary of American Citizenship.

Wilja can be reached at:
(805) 684-5531 Ext. 1302

Latest News

February, 2016

Agriculture makes Good Neighbors

Farmers West demonstrates it supports all Ag and all Youth in our community. Being good stewards of our community means giving back with rich agricutural programs that help our youth grow into responsible and contributing citizens.

December, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Farmers West celebrates Christmas with our annual Christmas Brunch. The company managers & foremen are invited to enjoy a tasty brunch with good friends & coworkers!

December, 2015

White Elephant Gifting

Our entertainment was a White Elephant gift exchange, wich caused lots of exciting moments, as much desired gifts were "stolen" in later rounds.

December, 2015

Christmas Tree Raffle

Our company Christmas Tree was raffled to one of our employees this year. Adriana Rojas was delighted to be this year's lucky winner! She is on the right, posing with her fully decked-out christmas tree & her best friend.

July 16th, 2014

Farmers' West is...
Certified American Grown!

FARMERS' WEST is proud to be the 1st flower grower to be certified American Grown!

American Grown certified is much more than just a certification, it is a brand that unifies a diverse coalition of U.S. flower farms across the country dedicated to providing customers with fresh, beautiful domestically grown flowers.

The American Grown brand communicates the domestic origins as well as the high quality, freshness and consistency of the flowers and foliage we grow.

The Certified American-Grown logo assures the floral consumer of:

Origin: Flowers and foliage are grown in the U.S. by American farmers.

Assembly: All ingredients in mixed bouquets are 100% grown and assembled in the U.S.