Farmers' West Consumer Bunches

Go Green with Farmers' West...
Add spice to your CB's with Farmers' West Enhancements!

FARMERS' WEST consumer bunchess are made with fresh, California flowers grown to meet the exacting sustainability standards which emphasize our environmental responsibility.

Anything we grow can be beautifully packaged to your specifications to meet your customer's needs. Any size, stem-count, bunch count, or color breakdown - can do it all. Contact our sales office with your specifications for a quote.

Enhanced Consumer Bunches - Add some spice to those "Plain Jane" consumer bunches! Creative combos in which one type of flower is paired with a filler that will make the flower sing. These are perfect for enlivening any space or they can be the kick off to your own creation.

Cut flower care and handling

Fill clean container with water and fresh flower food.

Strip leaves below water level to discourage bacteria growth.

Cut 1" (3cm) off of stem at a 45° with a sharp knife or scissors for better water absorption.

Avoid direct sunlight & hot areas (like TV's)

Keep flowers, lilies in particular, away from vegetable and fruit which produce ethylene. Lilies are sensitive to ethylene which makes them age faster.

Refresh water every 2-3 days and add appropriate amount of flower food.

To prevent staining fabric or skin, remove lily's anthers (pollen) as soon as the flower begins to bloom with a tissue and discard.

If your clothes become stained with pollen remove with a piece of tape. If the petals of the flower become stained you may also use tape by gently dabbing the affected area.